Section 508 Accessibility Compliance

By law, all official Humboldt websites must meet Section 508 web accessibility requirements. It is the responsibility of all web developers to understand and follow these guidelines.

Information about Section 508 and techniques for developing accessible sites can be found on the Humboldt Web Policy on Accessibility (ATI) website. 

Timely Maintenance of Content

Outdated or inaccurate information should not appear on an official website. Content should be monitored and updated frequently.

Of particular concern are event schedules, news, and course/degree requirements. Please do not publish these types of information if your website can't be kept current.

Use of Valid Mark-up and Web Standards

Wherever possible, official Humboldt sites should use valid HTML mark-up and be developed with web standards. There are many benefits to developing sites this way, and it is an industry best practice.

Many articles exist on the web that explain web standards, their benefits, and how to use them.

Header with Humboldt Wordmark

All official websites require a header with the Humboldt wordmark. The wordmark must be placed in a horizontal bar at the top of the page and contain no other elements with the exception of a search field.

Download Wordmarks

  • Linkage

    The wordmark should link to the Humboldt main page at

  • Dimensions

    The wordmark should be 346 x 19 pixels, and set in a horizontal bar 30 pixels high. There should be a 10px margin between the left edge of the bar and the wordmark.

    As of Spring 2016 Marketing & Communications is revising the dimension requirements to work better with responsive websites. We will post new requirements, code samples, and examples when available.

  • Color

    The colors of the wordmark and bar can be changed to coordinate with the design of your site.

  • Layout

    The width of the horizontal bar should be equal to the width of your layout. If your layout spans 100% of the screen width, the bar should span the whole screen. If you have a fixed-width or fluid-width layout, the bar should span only that width.

  • Content

    Footer should contain the name and mailing address of the department in charge of the page, as well as a functional, up-to-date email link to the person that maintains the site. The linked email account must be checked daily during normal business operation. Do not use

    To combat spam:

    • The email link may be titled "Contact Us" or similar; you do not have to list an actual email address in plain text.
    • The link may lead to a comment form which uses a script to email the message

Web Contact

For website related questions please contact the Marketing & Communications web team.

(707) 826-3321