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Most recent revision: October 18, 2008


The emergence of the World Wide Web on the Internet, including user-friendly graphical-browser programs with which to navigate it, offers an array of important opportunities for Cal Poly Humboldt. Such opportunities will arise most effectively in an environment that fosters innovation and creative expression, an environment built upon a comprehensive, consistent foundation of support and guidelines.

As this new medium offers these rich opportunities to both this institution and to the individuals that represent it, it presents a dichotomy for policymakers: how to ensure appropriate freedom of expression while maintaining a consistent, cohesive institutional presence.

The web presents an unparalleled venue for communication with vast and diverse external constituencies, thus its administration at Cal Poly Humboldt shall be coordinated by the University Web Office. The web, in its design and use, lacks explicit mechanisms for control; however, it can also foster an effective, comprehensive presentation of university information. Such a presentation requires coordination and quality. Though guided by the University Web Office, the responsibility for ensuring that Cal Poly Humboldt's quality image is protected is shared by all who contribute to it.

This policy -- like the University's presence on the web -- will be dynamic, subject to change. It provides a solid preliminary structure, a philosophical framework to foster the development of a comprehensive Cal Poly Humboldt contribution to the World Wide Web.

Existing Applicable Policies

Many existing university policies apply to the website. Some issues remain under the realm of laws. These include the following:

  • copyright, "fair use," and intellectual property rights:
  • Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • Federal Computer Abuse Amendment Act
  • Federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act
  • California Computer Crime Law
  • California Information Practices Act

Others fall under established academic procedures, such as peer review of research results. Others are guided by existing policies regarding the acceptable use of campus computing technology (for example, prohibiting harassment and commercial use), development of publications, news media relations and official university announcements.

Failure to adhere to these and the policies described herein may ultimately lead to revocation of the privilege to use university computing resources.

Humboldt Web Management Framework

The University Web Office shall manage the organizational structure, policies and appearance of the main University website humboldt.edu, the first- level -- or index -- pages directly linked from the main page, and -- though generally indirectly -- all other official Cal Poly Humboldt web pages. In this context, official web pages are those that represent some department, office, function, or activity with information published in the course of regular university business.

The Department of Information Technology Services shall manage the resource and technical issues regarding web accounts, university servers, and system configuration. All key web policies and operations will be developed in conjunction with the Department of Information Technology Services and will be subject to the availability of computing resources as determined by that office. Though the use of the university's primary web server computer will be encouraged for official university pages, policies concerning page content, appearance and linkage apply to all official university representations regardless of the computer used as a web server.

Official Cal Poly Humboldt Web Pages

All official university pages must have an information contact person listed, with an email address, responsible for keeping the information up-to-date. Each application for a university page (or a link to the main page or index) shall identify a site maintenance person responsible for maintaining its information. If the page does not originate from the main university web server, the application shall identify a person responsible for ensuring that the page's server is stable 24 hours a day.

Whenever possible, official university information shall be distributed only from currently recognized sources for such information; for example, Marketing & Communications for marketing information and news releases; Office of the Registrar for enrollment and registration information; and Academic Affairs for census and academic resource information. To ensure accuracy and currency of data -- and to save computing resources -- other pages should provide links to these official repositories rather than reposting the data themselves.

The content and presentation of an official page shall be reviewed by the appropriate dean or director (or their designee). The University Web Office retains the right to review materials for consistency, editorial clarity, and compliance with the Humboldt style guide.

Style guides for official pages

Guidelines, templates, standardized graphic elements and other tools are provided for developers of Humboldt web pages.

Developers are responsible for understanding the Cal Poly Humboldt and California State University web guidelines.

Unofficial "Courtesy" Web Pages

As resources allow, unofficial -- or "courtesy"-- pages may be accommodated within the university's web network. Such pages might include pages developed by individual students and university personnel, and pages representing student clubs, unions, and other groups. All such pages shall include the name and e-mail address of the individual responsible for managing it.

Such pages may be removed from university computing resources at any time if, in the determination of the University Web Manager in collaboration with the Associate Vice President for Marketing & Communications and/or Office of the Vice President of Advancement and/or Office of the President, their content is inappropriate or if, in the determination of the Division of Student Affairs, their activity hampers official university activities.

The use of official university graphic elements -- including logos, seals, and other identifying marks -- is prohibited on such pages.

Web Contact

For website related questions please contact the Marketing & Communications web team.


(707) 826-3321