OpenHSU Features

OpenHSU helps you build and maintain University websites that meet current design standards. There are plenty of options for functionality, features, and layouts. And they work on screens of all sizes.

Humboldt's brand is built in

By using the content types and styles included in OpenHSU, your site will complement the University's homepage with consistency of fonts, colors, and various design elements.

Brand Image

Mobile Friendly

Responsive design means sites automatically work on screens ranging from desktop monitors to smartphones.

This is really important, as most students and many faculty and staff are "mobile first" users, who use smartphones as their primary access to web resources.

Mobile & Desktop

Flexible Layouts

There are a wide range of tools for creating unique page layouts and content arrangements. Learn more about the layout options.

Simple starting points

You can easily insert prebuilt content types - like news, events, people listings, slideshows, and galleries.

Website accessibility is part of the package

It's not only required by law and CSU policy, it's the best way to make sure you reach your audiences effectively. Learn more about accessibility requirements.

Updates happen automatically

Our team stays on top of bug fixes, security patches, and improvements so you can focus on building your site and communicating with your audience.

New functionality added often

As new options and services are finalized, they automatically become available for you to use.