Content Panes: Create New Content

panes-new contentAdd new content


Any new content pane can be made reusable. This can be nice if you think you might move the content to a different page or want it on multiple pages. Note: Once the content is saved you can’t go back and make it reusable.

File - Add a single file (txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx, odt, ods, odp) and an associated title and description.

Image - Add a single image and an associated title, description, and link.

Add map - Add a map pane for a specific address and an associated title, description, and link.

Add links - add a list of links and link title.

Add spotlight - Create a image slideshow with optional slide title and description (seen below). Each can link to another page or website. Able to set slide duration and pager style.

Add table - Create basic tables. Adjust the number of columns and rows, then click rebuild. Then enter your headers in the dark gray cells and your data below.

Add text - Create custom text panes. Use the wysiwyg editor to format. This content pane type is used extensively throughout sites built by Marcom using OpenHSU.

Add video - Embed responsive Youtube and Vimeo videos in a page and give it a title. Simply copy the URL of the video, click browse in the “configure new video” dialog and paste into the “File URL or media resource” field.

Add submenu - add a submenu based on your sites menu. Can start from various levels. Useful if you need to have a sidebar menu that shows third level (or deeper) menu nesting. Most sites won’t be able to make use of this.

Add content list - Create a list of content items based on a content type. Allows you to give the list a title, pick a content type, decide how many items to show, and adjust sort order, display, and fields to show.

Add content item - Similar to content list above but allows you to place a single piece of content rather than a list. All the settings are the same.