Content Panes: Add Existing Content

Depending on the modules that are in use on your site, the available options here will vary. The following exist out of the box.


Add existing content


This section will only be available if Blocks are enabled for your site. Some modules create blocks by default once turned on so your option may vary. By default the "Cas Login" block is the only option. If you need to place a login link on a page you can use this block. Note: The block only shows up when you are not logged in.

Form Content

This is for advance use and typical won't be applicable to your site.


May remove this one due to bugs and lack of usefulness.


Assuming you are using the News content type this allows you to add a list of news articles to a page as well as other new article related panes.

Page Content

This pane type will allow you to add fields from the "Node" or Page that you are currently working on. The following options exist. Say you want to have your Node/Page title below a large image but by default the title appears at the very top of the page. You can remove the title via customize this page then add it back using the Node title pane.

  • Attach files
  • Body Field
  • Categories
  • Feature content
  • Primary Image
  • Node author
  • Node content
  • Node created date
  • Node last updated date
  • Node links
  • Node terms
  • Node title
  • Node type description
  • Rendered Node

Reusable Content

Only available if you have created reuable content panes. Add on any page you want and edit in one place. The changes will be reflected in all instances of the pane.

View panes

Any view panes that have been created on your site will be available for you to add to a page. View panes for events, latest news, and people exist by default. Note: Must have published content in the selected content type.